> What is The League Of Extraordinary Morons?

The League of Extraordinary Morons (TLOEM) is a community of friends from around the globe, we usually make pointless jokes and threads and have a good laugh with one another. Here, we try to make sure to keep as many members happy at any given time

TLOEM was originally created in 2005 in name and has been on forums and websites ever since. This forum is our latest attempt at making our own community with our own cool features.


> What can I discuss here?

You can talk about any subjects you want! Use our General Discussion forum to be serious and discuss politics, world issues, daily life discussions and much more. Use our Shitz & Giggles to post whatever you want. There's an Entertainment & Life category with forums for Music, Video Games, Art & Literature, and more! If you want a new forum or sub forum added, go to the Suggestions & Feedback forum to give us some new ideas.


> What is Moron of the Month?

Moron of the Month (MotM) is an honorary award for users who are active, well liked, and seldomly, never incur trouble from the Mods and Admins. The user is selected based on user votes but mainly selected by Administrators and Moderators.


> How do I add an Avatar and Signature?

Follow this guide and highlight the images to learn how to add a Signature and an Avatar.

Select PROFILE in our forum's header. The button will highlight when you hover over it. Click Avatar to change your avatar. You can upload an image to the site or use a url of an image from another website to either upload it to our site or link directly from there. You can put text in your signature and images in it using the [img] tag. If your image is too large it will be taken out. If you put another large image in it again you will be warned, and so on.


> What are badges and how do I get them?

Badges are something to collect during your time on our forum. For the full guide on Badges click here.


> What are ranks and how do I earn them?

Ranks are earned from posting a lot. Check the full guide on ranks here.


>What are points and how do I get them?

Posts are a 'currency' to purchase badges, and possibly other things. Posts are awarded 1 to 3 points per post depending on which forum you post in, 2 to 5 points per thread you create, 2 points per message you leave on someones profile, and are often awarded for various contests and for special reasons. You also gain 5 points a day since the day you joined!

You can spend all the points you make in our Points For Prizes forum where you can purchase a huge range of badges, change your username, and hopefully more in the future!


> How do I become an Administrator or Moderator?

It is currently not possible to become an Administrator on The League Of Extraordinary Morons, but everyone is welcome to apply to become a Moderator. Just PM Lewis using the follow application form.

Current Rank:
Applying for:
Reason to become Mod:


>What are groups and how do I join them?

Groups are currently closed to normal ranked users but should hopefully open in the future. The current groups are Administrator, Moderators, and Moron of the Month which will only have one member each month.