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Ranks are earned and automaticcly given for the amount of posts you have. You can also earn a few badges when you earn a certain rank.

Ranks Rank0

New Moron

This is the default rank for when you join The League Of Extraordinary Morons.

Ranks Rank1
Ranks Rank2

This is the second rank earned at 100 & 250 posts.
Ranks Rank3
Ranks Rank4
Regular Moron
This is the third rank earned at 500 & 1,000 posts.
Ranks Rank5
Ranks GoldStar1
Superior Moron
This is the fourth rank earned at 1,500 and 2,000 posts.
Ranks GoldStar2
Ranks GoldStar3
Ranks GoldStar4
Extraordinary Moron
This is the title rank earned at 2,500, 3,000, and 4,000 posts.
Ranks GoldStar5
Custom Ranks
At 5,000 posts you can select your own rank!
Ranks GoldStar5
Moron of the Month
Moron of the Month is given to one person a month.
Ranks GoldStar5
Moderator Rank
Ranks GoldStar5
Administrator Rank